Level 1 & 2 - Bénédict Pill - Present Simple Questions

   Watch & Practice

   Complete with DO, DOES, DON'T or DOESN'T: 

      EX:           - __________ you have a dog?

                        - Do you have a dog?

1. ___________ she go to school from Monday to Friday?

2. ____________ Marc buy food at the supermarket?

3. _____________ you eat hamburgers with your family?

4. ____________ they sleep late?

5. _____________ you have to wash the dishes?

6. _______________ your sister use your clothes?

7. _____________ you love to drink juice in the mornings?

8. _____________ we listen to music?

9. Does her rabbit jump from one place to another? Yes, it _________.

10. Does your father run marathons every year? No, he ___________.

11. Do we dance hip hop? Yes, we ____________.

12. Does she watch T.V? Yes, she ___________.

13. Do you take the bus? No, I ___________.

14. Does Peter have lunch at work? No, he ___________.

15. Do they like chocolate cake? Yes, they ___________.


As Claudia explains in the video, there’s another way to make questions, this time the questions you ask, give you more information. Click here to learn more!

*This quiz is not a placement test, nor does it accurately represent your current English level.

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Level 1 & 2 - Bénédict Pill - Present Simple Questions