Level 9 - Grammar - Intermediate

1. She ____ obsessed with astronomy at a young age.

2. He ____ me to the first show when I was only 9.

3. My new cellphone, ____ I bought last week, has already broken.

4. People __________ from an illness, find it difficult to relax.

5. She did therapy with a psychologist ____ overcome her phobia.

6. We couldn't fall asleep because our neighbours ____ a lot of noise.

7. They ____ out for a few years before they decided to get married.

8. We wouldn't have missed the train if you ____ to chat with Mary!

9. By the time the guests arrive, we ____ everything for the party.

10. I can't find my keys. I ____ them.

11. Admission was free so we ____ any tickets.

12. The horror movie wasn't just frightening! It was ____ terrifying!

13. We should remind _____ to be thankful for all that we have.

14. Two climbers are reported to ____ during the storm last night.

15. ____ the weather was horrible, we decided to go out for a short walk.

*Esta prueba no es un test de ubicación y no representa con precisión su nivel actual de inglés.

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Level 9 - Grammar - Intermediate