Level 7 to 9 - Listening - How pink became a girly color


Review the following words for a better understanding of the video below.

Trend: A tendency, or fashion.

Survey: examine and collect information about something.

Empowerment: The process of gaining freedom and power

Misrepresent: to give false information about something or someone

Oppress: to abuse of power or authority over others.

Media: the internet, newspapers, magazines, television, etc., considered as a group.

Watch this video and answer  True or False. 

Extracted from Vox youtube channel.

1. According to the survey taken by Times Magazine in 1927, most women felt represented by the color blue.

2. Before World War II, pink wasn’t as popular with women as it is today.

3. Mamie Eisenhower used color pink as a symbol of protest and women empowerment.

4. During the time of war, most women used to dress in black and blue.

5. When color pink became so popular, a big group of women felt misrepresented and oppressed.

6. Media helped spread the connection between pink and womanhood.

7. Some women who helped make pink a trend were not interested in the ideals connected to it.

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Level 7 to 9 - Listening - How pink became a girly color