Level 7 & 8 - Listening - PET Exercise 3


You will hear a student talk about his summer job in a forest in New Zealand. 

Listen to the audio and write the correct answer.

Listen the audio twice if needed.

Extracted from Cambridge ESOL Examinations PET 

Write the correct answer:

1. Steve had accommodation in a shared _____________________.

2. Steve says it was important to have good ________________ at the end of each day.

3. Steve worked with a team that made a ________________ through the forest.

4. Steve also collected information needed for a _____________________ of the forest area.

5. In the morning Steve was surprised to hear the sound of ____________________ in the forest.

6. When he did the trip, Steve only had to pay for his ________________.

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Level 7 & 8 - Listening - PET Exercise 3