Level 7 to 9 - Listening - Why we say "OK"


Review the following words for a better understanding of the video below.

Fad: A style or activity that suddenly becomes popular.

Abbreviate: To make a word or phrase shorter by using only the first letters of each word.

Code: A language created to give a message in a secret form.

Complain: to express dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment.

Watch the video and answer  True or False. 

Extracted from Vox youtube channel. 

1. The term OK came from a fad of intentional misspelled and abbreviated words to create codes.

2. OK originally comes from the Choctaw word “Oke”, that means “so it is”.

3. The term OK was first used as a code to communicate through telegraphs.

4. OK was a military code to confirm that there were no killings or 0 killings.

5. The word OK became popular after it was used in a newspaper post.

6. No telegraph message was considered transmitted until the person receiving it answered with an OK.

7. One president of the United States used the popular term OK as part of its campaign to complain about social injustice at the time.

8. The way the letter “K” looks like, and the fact that it is hardly used, became a limitation for its popularity

9. OK has a very strong emotional meaning.

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Level 7 to 9 - Listening - Why we say "OK"