Vocabulary - General Knowledge 3

     Complete the sentences with the correct word:

voc word bank

1. It’s 11:30 PM, it is almost________.

2. It's a beautiful ____________, the sun is shining.

3. Hide and seek is my favorite ________.

4. He can ______ tennis.

5. Ghosts _________ in haunted houses.

6. This chair is not very __________, is too hard.

7. When you work as a __________, you must be organized.

8. I_________ a pencil when I don't have one.

9. The cause of the ________ was a problem with the car.

10. She works very well, she is very __________.

11. We don’t have space, _______ room is full.

12. I'm very tired, I need some _________ time.

13. ______ the stars! They are beautiful!

14. Harry Potter is the ______ character of the movie.

15. We don’t ______ a house, we rent.

16. The _______ to get into the concert was very long.

17. I won't see you _________ tomorrow.

18. It took him _______ minutes to respond, it wasn’t immediate.

19. Burj Khalifa is the tallest ___________ in the world. It has 163 floors!

20. My flight will include a __________ of several hours in Zúrich, which is enough time to shop.

*Esta prueba no es un test de ubicación y no representa con precisión su nivel  actual de inglés.

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Vocabulary - General Knowledge 3