Vocabulary - General Knowledge 2

      Choose the correct word for each meaning:

voc word bank

1. A set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject.

2. A set of rules used to order the way in which a society behaves.

3. The name that you share with other members of your family; last name.

4. Generous, helpful, and thinking about other people's feelings.

5. Having a taste similar to that of sugar; not bitter or salty.

6. Before the usual or expected time.

7. All things.

8. To, at, or in all places or the whole of a place.

9. In place of someone or something else.

10. Twelve o'clock in the middle of the day.

11. The money that is used in a particular country at a particular time.

12. Twelve o'clock in the middle of the night.

13. The person who is responsible for managing an organization.

14. To get or receive something from someone with the intention of giving it back after a period of time.

15. The part of the day from the time when the sun rises or you wake up until the middle of the day or lunch time.

16. An entertaining activity or sport.

17. The action of spending time doing an enjoyable and/or entertaining activity.

18. To start to be seen or to be present.

19. To make something happen at a later time than originally planned or expected.

20. That provides a pleasant feeling. Usually used to talk about furniture and clothes.

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Vocabulary - General Knowledge 2